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Dear Friends,

Did you know that as a youth, your Divine Bearded Lady C worked as a ‘Safe Sex’ Counselor in NYC? This photo of this ad was one of many that was part of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis public Safe Sex campaign in NYC. These ads were plastered all over the Metro Transit system. I worked with young people and adults to educate them on how to prevent HIV infections. I also worked with people living with AIDS as well, as a member of ACT UP New York.

I am close to meeting my goal of $300 for my night of Tarot and Palmistry at the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania! October 30th is around the corner and I could use all the support to get there I can muster.

Help to sponsor me in my efforts, by making a financial donation or sharing this post. I can’t do this alone.

Thank you for your attention and love.

Truly yours,
Lady C.

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“Fear Is The Mind Killer”

Today, Scorpio Solar Eclipse is on!! You may be feeling very sensitive, crispy and maybe fried on the edges. So, beware of fear and depression and sense of “I am not worthy”. Its the second thought that counts! You are a co-creator in this massive universe! What are you creating? Feeding? Fear or Faith?

Break your illusions! Cast away all shadows during this moonless time! Let your light shine. You are the moon, the sun, and stars!

F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real

I highly recommend listening to Kelly Rosano’s talk regarding today’s Solar Eclipse!

Back From The New York Renaissance Faire, What next?!

Back From The New York Renaissance Faire, What next?!

Hello my lovelies!!! Hope all is well. 2014’s New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo was fun this year! Video and site gallery coming soon. In the meantime, let me tell you about my upcoming event. I will performing Tarot and Palmistry readings for an annual benefit in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. This benefit is to raise money for the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, on October 30th, 2014. From 6pm till 9pm. Stay tuned for updates.

I would like also announce that the “elves and faeries” constructing my site have added a booking page and donation tab!! Please check them out and respond kindly. Thank you, grazi, merci beau coup! 🙂

Finally, to keep you a bit warm, here are some images on what you missed on Mystic’s Way, at the New York Renaissance Faire this year.


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