2015 “Year of the Magician”

2015 “Year of the Magician”

Year Summary


The Magician Attributes of 2015:

Initiation, New Beginnings, Birth, Foundation, Transformation, Alchemy, Creativity, Adaptation, Manifestation, Communication, Duality, Illusion, Multidimensionalism, Time, Karma, Metaphysical.

Modern Day Magicians: Teachers, Leaders, Presenters, Trainers, Healers, Counselors, Scientists

Magical Crystals & Stones of 2015: Malachite and Himalayan Quartz

Magical Colors of 2015: Green and Fuschia

Magical Numbers of the 2015: 1 and 8

Magical Archangel of 2015: Raziel


aspectofthemagician_beardedladycThis is the first or a 14 part prediction for the year of 2015. Using the “Golden Tarot” by Liz Dean, I did a spread for the year ahead. In this prediction I will only speak regarding the summary 2015,  year of the “Magician”. Otherwise known as the “Teacher”. In traditional Tarot, on the path of the Fool’s journey. He first meets the “Magician”. Who becomes the Fool’s first teacher.

2014 was not really a year where we embarked on new journeys, though for some it may have been the case. 2014 was far from being a year of the “Fool’s”. Nevertheless it was a journey. Did 2014 tear you down, and then attempted to “sew” you back to together again? Or did it leave you in the dark, feeling desperate and hopeless? Or tired, depressed, and even angry? Or all of the above? (more…)