Year Summary


The Magician Attributes of 2015:

Initiation, New Beginnings, Birth, Foundation, Transformation, Alchemy, Creativity, Adaptation, Manifestation, Communication, Duality, Illusion, Multidimensionalism, Time, Karma, Metaphysical.

Modern Day Magicians: Teachers, Leaders, Presenters, Trainers, Healers, Counselors, Scientists

Magical Crystals & Stones of 2015: Malachite and Himalayan Quartz

Magical Colors of 2015: Green and Fuschia

Magical Numbers of the 2015: 1 and 8

Magical Archangel of 2015: Raziel


aspectofthemagician_beardedladycThis is the first or a 14 part prediction for the year of 2015. Using the “Golden Tarot” by Liz Dean, I did a spread for the year ahead. In this prediction I will only speak regarding the summary 2015,  year of the “Magician”. Otherwise known as the “Teacher”. In traditional Tarot, on the path of the Fool’s journey. He first meets the “Magician”. Who becomes the Fool’s first teacher.

2014 was not really a year where we embarked on new journeys, though for some it may have been the case. 2014 was far from being a year of the “Fool’s”. Nevertheless it was a journey. Did 2014 tear you down, and then attempted to “sew” you back to together again? Or did it leave you in the dark, feeling desperate and hopeless? Or tired, depressed, and even angry? Or all of the above?

2105 is not for the “innocent” or for the “prepared”. It’s a year for those that have (re)awakened to their truth in life; 2015 is for those who have learned from their mistakes; and 2015 for those who have honed the lessons of humility. Perhaps even humbled by life. Despite the wrongs against them, they still crave more from living a full life, in human form. We are all spirits having a human experience no?

2015 is also for those who realized the value in the lessons of temperance and prudence. Often forged during times of duress. For those of you that feel this does not apply to you, well congratulations! But don’t take me lightly on this, especially when I say ‘no one’ or ‘no living being’ was excluded from the intense Astrological effects of 2014’s super trines with Pluto squared Uranus! Which brought on systemic and abrupt changes in our lives. Disruptions of sorts that have been felt throughout our country and the world. Well who am I kidding… ‘throughout the world!’

Magi, Magus, Magician energy can be seen as neither here or there or everywhere. Its a mysterious and yet elusive energy. Simple yet powerful in its brimming state of chaos flux of manifestation. All depends on what state of the creative process you find the Magician energy. If you are still a bit “sleepy-eyed” by the time 2015 settles in, it will definitely wake you up! Because the dreamy aspects of the Magician energy and the role Pisces will play this year can only be handled by those who are awake and grounded. The more “asleep” you are to your inner-workings and the life around you, the more pain you may cause onto yourself and others. Those left “untouched” by 2014 will realize in 2015 that they are not as vulnerable as they should be. For the energy of the Magician Year requires a degree of vulnerability to be. It is a feminine, receptive, fluid, and vigorous. Energy so subtle and powerful you can create good or bad with available forces of the Universe.

2015 will be very auspicious year for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. The mercurial aspect of the Magician is very much aligned with these souls. Otherwise known in American Indian cultures as 3rd or 4th genders of humanity, the Two-Spirits or Twin-Spirits. Our spirit if very much align with the realm known to Magicians. The realm of magic stems from a powerful realm of duality, or shall I say “multidimensionalism”. Just like the diversity of colors you find in a rainbow you find within the omnipotent realm of spirit.


Multidimensional_beardedladycThe Magician energy is Mercurial. Most traits attributed to the God Mercury will influence 2015. Attributes of the God Mercury are alchemy, hermetics, science, math, communication, technology, and medicine. Several words and terms that come to mind when describing Mercurial energy are creative, adaptive, elusive, playful, and impulsive. Astrology signs ruled by this God and the planet Mercury are Gemini and Virgo. 2015 will be a very auspicious year for these signs as well.

Several other things that come to mind when reflecting on the Magician. The term “as above, so below”. The star of David, which is a symbol in sacred geometry for the bridging of “Heaven and Earth”, and in some other mystical traditions the center of the heart, “Ananda”.

Aligned with the number 1, in tarot, the Magician is filled of new beginnings and opportunities. Starting in January, there will be tons “coincidences”. And you know I don’t believe in “coincidences”, okay! The Magician energy manifests. Words like “presto” and “abracadabra” should come into mind. For these are words used by traditional Magicians, Alchemists, Shamans, and Healers. The word “abracadabra” is actually an ancient word with no identifiable origin. Though it does has its root in Latin and Aramaic languages. In Aramaic the word literally means “I create as I speak”. It creates utilizing our mind(thoughts) and heart(desires), and our intentions. The rate at which we manifest what we think and feel for ourselves individually and as a collective will intensify dramatically by the tail end of 2014 into 2015. You may have already felt the power of this effect as early as the beginning of the solstice, December 21st 2014. So it goes without saying, but I will still mention the warning “be careful of what you wish for.”

2014 must be co-created with balance of between spirit, mind, and body. According to the rest of my Tarot predictions for each individual month in 2015, we will be challenged to stay grounded and heal emotional on all levels. Displacements of anger and fear could take you for hostage for several years to come if not careful. Please do your best to lick and heal old wounds. Especially those incurred and revealed to you in 2014. Balms are temporary, but continual healing work will be an investment that will take your life to a whole new level of existence in these uncertain times. Be sure to follow me on social media or on my website for the latest tips on healing advice and other beneficial tips to help you ground yourselves in 2015.

In numerology, 2015 resonates on the number “8”(2+0+1+5=8). While others will add the value of money and prosperity this new year. There are other aspects of this number that I know has more value for the year to come. If you look at the number ‘8’ when placed on its side horizontally you will find an infinity symbol. Which commonly stands for “time” or as I see it “the endurance of time”. Immortality also can be added to the meaning behind the infinity symbol. With respect to this theory you can say health is also associated with the number 8. The number 8 also represents two halves of two individual confluences. Its the energy of the ‘flow’ in the Universe, life, or a.k.a. the “Force”. Which all Magicians must factor when working with Magic.

While money maybe attractive in 2015, do not let it blind your focus. Rather, do not become ungrounded in the pursuit of ‘making’ money. Money is a tool. It really has no value until you its in your pocket. Therefor, the overall outlook in the year of the Magician is to “mend”, “motivate”, “magnetize”, and “manifest”. We must invest our time wisely this year. Perhaps even study on how to save, or find new ways to save and invest energy. As in “green energy”. Commonly found in mystics societies at the heart center. Green, a color attributed to USA dollars and other currencies around the world.

While we are making investments of time and energy in 2015. We will have opportunities to create abundance in our relationships as well. Enough to carry us through the rest of the century. For the year of the Magician is akin to building foundations. Choices, spells we cast, plans we put into motion this year to come will affect generations to come for the next century. Be mindful of your actions. While the mother of “Success” is “Failure. The mother of “Wealth” is “Love”. Infinitum. Some say money time, but so is love. So perhaps we should ultimately have love of self and others on our minds, all the time?

So the answer ‘yes’, for you singles who are searching for a mate, this year will bring you the person you desire. I would wait till after the end of March to begin the “love fest”! Use caution, our hearts and minds as I said earlier will have that “Midas” touch! The alchemy of any Magician or Magic stems from the primary and basic principles of “love”. Its spontaneous, nurturing, healing, and its everywhere! Even in the air we breathe! We all have access to this power. Access to this great power rests in our ‘hearts’. Whether you choose to call it God or Goddess energy, Universal life force, or just plain energy it all levels out to “love”. To live is to love. To love is to live. 2015 as any other year is meant to be ‘lived’! Make sure your are ‘living’ your life to its fullest. For all the beauty and ugly, and the marred duality of your soul. Love is the source of your birthright, it is your magic.


moversandshakers_beardedladycYou can also say that 2015 is a year for the teachers, leaders, and shakers of our world. Its a year to inspire. Think of it, as children we have all have been touched by magic in one way or another. We have been awed, inspired, and motivated to try to imitate its effects through all sorts of mediums available to us humans. Magic or life, doesn’t have to be lusterless. Just be ‘being’, you can spark great changes within the world around you who witnesses your magic. What you may feel is dull about you someone else will find it motivating. Do not hide your true self in 2015.

I touched earlier on duality and multidimensionalism. The Magician can also be seen as the “Shaman”. Some Shamans are revered for their abilities to work with different realms of the human psyche or otherwise known other “dimensions”. We all know very well that the third dimension is our physical reality. As our knowledge increases and we become aware more of the the greater reality of life as a collective, “as so above, so is below”, “as so without as within”. We start to see there are many aspects or parts that have an important part to play in the magic of life. 2015 will be a major a time for more advancement in moving into 4 and 5 dimensional realities. Without the use of recreational drugs and other substances as some older generations relied on to achieve this perception. This  is another reason why I say we need to stay grounded. Our paradigm is shifting. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a huge leap forward in the technology industry in 2015! Fasten your seatbelts!

We must act on taking every opportunity possible to connect to “source” in 2015. It will be a great benefit in manifesting a more stable and prosperous century ahead. So here is where part of the Alchemist in our Magician state must take precedence and capitalize on our multidimensional selves in order to create our desired future. If you dare to be brave dedicate time to your relationship between spirit, mind, and body. Do not give yourself room to make this the last priority in your day. Invest time to go within yourself, to be inspired by your inner workings, by “source”. The source of your being. How? Through various forms of therapies. Pick one, make your start anywhere that ‘feels’ right to you. That inspires you. Keep it simple, as simple as laughing out how crazy complex we are built and what randomly comes out of us when we least expect it from ourselves.

Personally, speaking from experience, the best forms of introspection and connecting to source I have undergone. Especially when performing Magic in my life. All forms have been aided by the ‘love’ that came for myself. It all started when I allowed myself to meditate, to take proper care of my body, which then led to taking proper care of my mind. Soon I realized the value and pricelessness of ‘reflection’, connection to source. Sometimes I used crystals in my meditations and baths, sometimes I used aromatherapy, sometimes physical exercise, and sometimes 1 on 1 therapy with entrusted professional therapists, spiritual guides, friends, and even family members. Also, I used astrology, tarot, and other forms of divination to aid me as I looked within myself. Without the understanding of the world within us, we will never fully understand the world outside of ourselves. Thats basic 1 on 1 Magic.


shinebright_beardedladycThis is a year for all of us to shine our light bright! To have your “15 minutes” of fame. But be aware, there is a need to be ‘willing’ to share that “spotlight” with others in 2015. Ultimately, this year is for ‘all of us’. Everyone will have their time and moment. Allow someone else’s their time, and you will have yours as well. Easy as when you are standing in line to get onto that train, bus, or airplane and people are cutting the line and taking “your” place or your “turn” in life. Whether or not they do, they are only using up their time to shine… So you may have to weight it out, will it be a waste of your time to get into an argument with someone who is cutting the line? In the long run you will be the runner up, and you will have a “show” to put on by being a power of example! Be you. Shine brightly, lovely!

Ending my summary prediction for the year of 2015, I want to make note of several other instances to be aware of regarding this “Year of the Magician”. As a Magician, it is not all about spell casting, being witchy, a snake charmer, or pulling rabbits out of your “purse”. I must point out that “spell casting” is important. Its as simple as knowing how to “spell” a word and/or thought. A spell can be a thought, or a song, a prayer, a letter, article, or one simple deed. Its all about the “intention” behind the spell. Take your time this year with what you want to manifest using your “spells”.

2015 will definitely be the year where we all will be turning a “new leaf” or see start a new chapter or journey in our life. So far I know 4 friends of mine that have got engaged on Christmas Day! I’m sure there will be more by January 1, 2015. New homes, people, places and things. I am hearing “lucky breaks” are also included in 2015. So be nice to those who are on that “waiting line”, okay! You don’t know who you will meet on your way up. You may just see them again on your way down. What goes up, must come down, you know. Law of gravity. Do not get carried away the lucky influences in 2015. Enjoy them, and stay grounded! Because as soon as they appear, they disappear. Be humble and grateful, always.

As mentioned earlier, the Magician is a Teacher. I wouldn’t be surprised if this year you are called to be a teacher, trainer or leader. Or the opposite, we seek a teacher, trainer, or leader. When we become a student we also become the teacher, or vice versa. Part of being a Magician is to do your homework. Study, listen, and learn. Utilize passion, and dedication in your manifestations. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Our psychic and intuitive abilities will no doubt be needed and will be put to the test this year. Don’t be surprised if you have to be extra creative this year. Thinking outside the box is given in 2015! Use my Magical tips below to help you in your year to come. Remember, this is not the end of my prediction for the year! There is more to come on a daily and monthly basis. More to follow. Please contact me with questions, or for your Tarot or Astrology readings for 2015.

So, I know this is not “Hogwarts” but that realm of imagination is useful! Revist all of your magical books, movies, and places to get you motivated and in that element. Magical items as hats, amulets, wands, and brooms are so called for this year! Its a year to Manifest! Have fun.

Again, co-create ‘mindfully’! Be careful of what you wish for, by the time 2016 comes around ole Pisces will have set a stage that can bring about turmoil for those of us who do not stay grounded throughout 2015. You’ve been warned! Always check to see where your physical and spiritual feet are located, all the time. Socializing, eating, exercise of body, mind, and spirit are perfect ways to stay grounded. Co-create a beautiful 2015 for you, for me, and for the rest of us! Let the alchemy of “nature” be your inspiration!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Truly yours,

Lady Chamaka


magicalaids_beardedladyc2015 Bearded Lady ‘Magical Tips’

These aids are to be used as supplements to your manifestation work this year. They are not lucky charms. Though they can help to aid you in the making of “luck”. If you are not clear on any of the uses or applications of any of these aids, please contact me with questions. I will be glad to help answer any of your questions.








Crystals and Mineral – Here are my favorite ‘magical’ crystals and minerals. They are best used when meditating or traveling with them in pendant forms. Individual pieces are beneficial for mediation, or in your dwelling environment. Also could be use in baths or room sprays.

Clear Quartz – Healing, Creativity, Manifestation, Magic

Jet – Grounding, Protection, Magic

Hematite – Grounding, Healing, Magic

Rose & Green Kunzite – Emotional healing and protection

Yellow & Orange Citrine – Creativity, Intellect, Alchemy, Happiness

Rose Quartz – Emotional Healing, Relationships, manifestation

Green Quartz – Emotional Healing, Relationships, manifestation

Dioptase – Love, Creativity, Prosperity

Black Tourmaline – Grounding, Protection on Physical and Spiritual level

Shungite – Grounding and Protection

Shattuckite – Creativity, Alchemy, Earthly Love, Grounding, Happiness

Green Chrysoprase – Healing subtle energies

Healers Gold – Healing and after effects from deep healing

Golden Healer Quartz – Healing mind, body, and spirit

Peridot – Happiness and Prosperity

Pyrite – Manifesting, Money, Business Affairs, Magic

Chrysocolla – Teaching, Speaking One Truth

Deep Purple Amethyst – Psychic Grounding, Magic, Dreaming, Creativity

Turquoise – Creativity, Money, Communication, Grounding

Fuschite – Money, Magic, Grounding, Healing

Lapis Lazuli – Magic, Alchemy, Grounding, Manifestation

Malachite – Manifestation, Money, Protection, Magic


Essential Oils – The pure the oil, the more effective your magic will be. The best use of essential oils are in baths, sprays, and  topical application on our bodies. Also, drops on cotton balls or paper towels in your vacuum cleaner or dryer can help disperse its effectiveness.

Frankincense – Grounding, Protection, Abundance, Money

Myrrh – Healing, Protection, Creativity

Orange – Healing, Creativity, Abundance, Money, Happiness, Luck

Lemon – Clearing, Healing and Creativity

Texas Cedarwood – Grounding, Re-energizing

Vetiver – Grounding, Creativity

Rose – Love, Creativity, Grounding, Luck

Verbena – Creativity, Money, Clearing

Copal – Grounding, Protection, Abundance

Palo Santo – Grounding, Creativity, Protection, Luck

Amber – Grounding, Healing, Luck

Lilac – Creativity, Abundance

Freesia – Creativity, Money, Abundance, Magic

Camphor – Magic, Protection


Places to buy crystals, oils, and other magical things:

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Astrologers(Alchemists) to follow:

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Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam

Channelled Artistry By Edyn Toussainte

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Spiritual Guides(Magicians) to follow:

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