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Definition: Mesoamerican indigenous term for a woman of public knowledge; a domestic Amerindian name attributed to wise street girls; a wise gal.
Variations: Cha•ma•ca, Chi•mi•qua,

Chi•mi•qui•a, Cho•la, Cho•na,Chon•ga, Cho•ta

Lady Chamaka is a Two-Spirit Arawak-Taino Indian. Ordained Interfaith Minister, a spiritual guide, a teacher, a healer, a divinator, astrologer, tarot and palm reader, numerologist, and a Usui ‘certified’ Reiki level 2 practitioner.

Raised by her family to study and understand signs from the divine, combined with grassroots community work, and social activism Lady C. has dedicated her ministry to the LGBT community, the Arawak-Taino Indian community, American Indian people of other tribal backgrounds, the people of the Earth, and those afflicted with the disease of addiction.

Some call Lady C. a “shaman”, but she prefers “Shawoman” instead. In the tradition of her Indian ancestors the universe is made up a feminine life force which she chooses to channel through her work as ‘love’. She began to learn from her mother and elders at the age of five of spiritual matters through divining signs from the the creator. These signs come in many expressions. Commonly known as energy, vibrations, frequencies, and patterns. As a teen Lady C. was introduced to the european tarot system known as the “Rider Waite”. Years later, upward on the path of her life she developed her psychic abilities through the use of “oracle cards”. Evolving in her spiritual role in life, Lady C. found herself helping others in her place of  work and social circles with these new found talents. The guidance of her tribal spiritual community and elders influenced Lady C. to mature as a Two Spirit individual. Allowed to sit within each male and female teaching circles circles. Most treasured of all her Lady C.’s teachings those  that come from the women and elders.

Lady Chamaka’s wisdom doesn’t come from her studies, but from the experiences in life that have lead her to search for meaning, balance, and harmony with herself. Now she is able to express this knowledge with the world. Lady C. believes wholeheartedly the old sayings that “our thoughts create our reality” and “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. There are no coincidences in Lady C.’s book of life. We are all here to learn and experience. There is no coincidence that you are here, right? Right now reading this at this moment of time. Lady C. see’s you. 😉

Lady Chamaka
Lady Chamaka
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Lady Chamaka