1428016979661Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles, Reversed

Keywords: A new start, opportunity, project, business, and or help. Reversed meanings should be applied.
Crystals: Sodalite, Tiger’s Eye, Turquoise, Menalite, Brandenberg Amethyst, Carnelian, Emerald, Citrine, Hemmatite, Hemmatoid
Chromelogy: White, Red, Yellow
Numerology: 1, 4, 12
Zodiac: Aries & Taurus
Archangel: Ariel, Sandolphon, Haniel
Elements: Primary element: Air; Secondary element: Earth
Sacred Geometry: Square: Foundation, Roots, Mother, Strength
Lucky Symbols: Horn
Essential Oils: Violet, Lilac, Sandalwood, Vertiver, Freesia, Honeysuckle
Power Days: April 5, 18, 19, 24, 29
Movie: Powder
TV Show: The Dark Crystal

Here is your 5th part of 2015’s tarot reading, from my Divine Bearded heart to yours! Using my intuitive guidance, and knowledge of Western, Chinese, and Mayan Astrology I put together this outlook for the month of April. Happy Spring northern hemisphere!! A happy and warm winter solstice to you Southern hemisphere! My personal interpretation is here to guide you in your spiritual decision making, and day to day planning.

***Disclaimer, Lady Chamaka is not any kind of Medical practitioner, fortune teller, or saint. She is an Interfaith Minister, psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, American Indian and Medicine person. All information disclosed here and there after is all subject of matter left for your interpretation and personal use.

April 2015’s ruling energy is that of the reversed “Page of Pentacles”.

Firstly, I must apologize for not coming through with a horoscope forecast for March. I came down with a horrible flu, which my body is still fighting off. *Ugh*Sigh*Meh* But I’m feeling much better now for all who are concerned. Those who have been inquiring when my next video release will be, please be patient a bit longer. Gurrrl, believe me its coming! All in divine time!

Now, this month will start off with a bang! No matter where in the world your are located. The beginning of April you will feel a stirring coming from your third eye and your third chakra. It will be a vision, a premonition, a hunch or a hint of great things to come to you. It will feel very near too you. How you will interpret it all could be the deciding factor. Just don’t “jump” into it yet.

For some of you, these visions, feelings, hints of the your near future will make you aware of your “precognitive” abilities, and even awaken you to them, if you never knew you had them. You may not make sense of your senseless dreams, premonitions, intuitions, hunches, or “hints”. Part of this is due to solar and lunar energies that are providing upgrades on a ethereal level. Some is due to a detox of sort that we are all undergoing. On another level, its because we are not ready.

So you may have ungrounded urges to make impulsive decisions on all fronts of your reality. So becareful of those “rosey colored glasses”. They will be your undoing this month, and could be your greatest and most expensive life lesson of this year! By ignoring the warnings on the road of life, the red flags. Impulse buying, short cuts to getting rich will not work in our favor this month. Best to hold your money till the end of the month or May.

The reversed meaning of the “Page of Pentacles” is technically a young man who can not be trusted. A misguided young man, mischievous or envious. His message in the reverse warrants us to keep our “kid gloves” handy. Often this energy takes form in the appearance of sudden opportunities brought to us by people, places, and things that are new, attractive, and overwhelming. Heralding us to ‘hark’ at the heavens for help and in some cases and direction.


This month beckons us to ask, are we being misguided? Are we misguiding someone else? If yes, then why? Have we become an enabler? Are we enabling? Are we self sabotaging? If so, where from our past is this connected? How can I fix this? Do I need help? These are important questions to ask for of ourselves this month. The only one who can truly fool us in life is ourselves. “To thyne own self be true.”

Lots of work to be done, and lots of patience needed. But isn’t patience a reward onto itself? Yes. It is… Though money will continue to be tight for most of us, we surely won’t go without either this month. Hold onto that money until May. It will grow. Especially after those “April Showers”.

self-empowerment-amira-celonYou may even feel like or have been given an official “green light” in certain areas of your life, in April. There is no need for speed this month. Take your time as you go about your business, place of work, school career, home, family. Please don’t be afraid of pauses when speaking, or using the brakes in your car, or on your bike, skate, or on your tongue. Proceed with caution, but aware in all of your interactions. So, yes, you have to be mindful. All the presents are in the “present”. It will greatly help you in the long run.

An adverse reaction of this energy in April, we may waste time idling in indecision. Whatever the reason is for your idle know that this is the ‘perfect’ time for you get out of the way projects, business, relationships, chores, bills, work in general that you have been ignoring to address. Don’t second guess yourselves. Get to it! Always go with the first thought, gut feeling, or first intuitive insight.

Being true to yourself, also means that you honor and value yoursef enough to take good care of yourself. Spiritually, physically, and mentally. Just as a loving mother would for her child. You honor all parts of yourself, good, bad, and indifferent. Tap into your maternal side for this. Yes, men do have a maternal side to them too. Where am I going with this? Well, if you are successful at practicing this part of nurturance and care for yourself. You will know so much of your inner workings that if tried to bullshit yourself, you will know when and how, and why. It will then be easier to tell when others will try to do the same with you.

chakrasSpeaking of self care… did you detox last month? Have you made any effort to care for your body? If not life will force you to at the beginning of April. Don’t delay. This year we will be experiencing some intense Solar Flare activity. Which can be a detoxing energy onto own. We all must be prepared physically to handle them. Be mindful and care for your body properly. Solar flare activity affects us the same way it affects our Mother Earth. Through electromagnetic fields. It’s been scientifically proven that our bodies generate electromagnetic fields too.

Summary, be mindful. Of your motives, and the motives of others. If its too good to be true, most likely it really is. Sleep on it, or do research. Walk but don’t run. Hold Off on anything new you want to begin this month. If you can, until you are sure you can move ahead util the end of April or anytime in May.

200534945-001April 2015 is a four sided month. The square. Its about perfecting that foundation, so we are building and finishing the foundation before we start laying on those “bricks”.  It’s a perfect time to start anything that you have not addressed in a long time regarding any of your relations with yourself, business, career, home, happiness, and/or sleeper projects. This month almost has a Mercury in Retrograde trait. Perfect for wrap old business. By the end of the month, astrologically speaking, the energy should be lighter and brighter. We will be feeling much more sure about the ground we walk on, and the path ahead.

For help with timing and direction you can call on Archangel Sandolphin. For help with courage call on Archangel Haniel. Call on Archangel Uriel to enlighten you if you are in the dark overall. For help regarding finances call on Archangel Ariel. Angels are always there to help, you just have to ask. Remember to thank them. Even if your prayers don’t materialize immediately. All in divine timing.

At the beginning of this post I listed the gemstones to work with for the month. I listed these specifically to help us get through this month successfully. The will help us with matters of protection over our us, and from us, and others. They resonate finding and knowing our truth, creativity, communication, grounding, and intuition.


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Blessings to Thee,
Divine Lady C.