My anjelitos(angels), hope you all are doing well and blessed with the beauty of harmony in your every waking breath. I am in now living in the beautiful city of brotherly love, ‘Philadelphia’. As I settle in I will try to post my predictions and videos accordingly. This new move has been a blessing in disguise by our beloved creator. Also, I was able to make this move with helpful donations made by fans like yourself. With your support whether financial or grassroots level(like, favor, subscribe, share) my work and service has been able to remain and grow. For you all. Your kindness is very much appreciated, thank you.

Onward to the forecast, as usual I have listed key elements that highlight the month to help you save your grace and your face! These are tips that can provide a boon to help you get through the challenges of the months ahead. If you have any questions regarding them and their proper use, or where to find, purchase, and appropriate them give me a shout out! I am here for you.

I will just give my summary predictions here and will follow-up with a more informative video soon after this post publishes. Thank you for your patience.

Disclaimer, Lady Chamaka is not any kind of Medical Doctor, fortune teller, or saint. She is an Interfaith Minister, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and a American Indian Medicine person. All information disclosed here and there after is all subject of matter left for your interpretation and personal use.

saintkateriOctober 2015:
Ruling Card: Eight of Swords
Keywords: Burdens, Bind, Bound, Release, Tied-down, trapped, Wrapped-up
Crystals: Rutilated Quartz, Clear Quartz, Epidote, Lepidolite
Chromelogy: Pastel Yellow, Light Blue,
Numerology: 1, 8, 9, 10, 22
Zodiac: Libra & Scorpio
Archangels: Azrael, Camael, Hagiel, Jeremiel, Michael
Elements: Primary element: Earth; Secondary elements: Water, Air
Sacred Geometry: Decahedron
Spiritual Symbols: Dragonfly
Essential Oils: Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Palo Santo, Petitgrain, Rose,
Power Days: 4, 10, 16 & 17, 22, 27, 30 & 31
Movie: Cocoon
TV Series: Greatest American Hero
Music: Experimental Electronic

October began with a “sharp bang”! The lunar eclipse in Aries on September 27th disrupted all of our planetary energies and frequencies. It was a catalyst to motivate us to push forward. It came in many forms. All dependant on where we all were in our lives. Once October 1st came around we all should’ve felt a lull feeling. Something like peace, but undetermined. Elusive. The first weekend of October should left us all desiring a better reality, and taking on new vows as we tossed the old ones of suffering away. At least we all were given the opportunity to face our reality. The lot of us should still be feeling a lost. On a train with no definable destination.

The month of October is ruled by the 8 of swords. My prediction is we all will have the opportunity to leave the baggage behind. If you have been feeling trapped in a situation or a predicament of your own design or the design of circumstance release is hear this month. You will have to trust the divine, your higher power(s). Whether they are angels, saints, buddhas, or animals guides. Grab go with the flow, release all fears. Fears are just illusions, false expectations appearing real. The more you practice this in the beginning of the month the more you will notice you life moving forward, rapidly. Its all on us. Stay centered by keeping your thoughts and actions simple. Before you know it, by months end you will “see the light at the end of the tunnel”. Rather you will become that light, and full release over circumstances that have held you back in your life will disappear.

Astrologically speaking, by the 15th we all should feel the relief of financial strain and depletion the of energy from the end of September into early October will return with sweet refreshing air of hope. We must stay faith centered. Otherwise, the grips of reality and illusions will squeeze tighter and that anxiety you’ve been experiencing will produce nothing but unhealthy circumstances in your physical, mental, and spiritual life. Think and be the ‘release’ you are seeking in your life. The end of the month will leave us with much to be desired from gratitude in surrendering our trust in our faith.


the-giving-tree-jerry-kirkNovember 2015:
Ruling Card: Seven of Coins
Keywords: Abundance, Culmination, Diligence, Evaluate, Labor, Pinnacle, Prosperity
Crystals: Basalt(Lava) Stone, Blue Kyanite, Green Aventurine, Green Prehnite, Jet, Rose Quartz, Shattuckite, Snowflake Obsidian
Chromelogy: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White
Numerology: 2, 7, 10, 11
Zodiac: Scorpio & Sagittarius
Archangels: Ariel, Azrael, Camael, Zadkiel
Elements: Primary element: Water; Secondary elements: Fire, Earth
Sacred Geometry: Hendecagon
Spiritual Symbols: Money Tree
Essential Oils: Chamomile, Hyacinth, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Sandalwood
Power Days: 1, 5, 11-12, 24-25, 27, 29
Movie: Shawshank Redemption
TV Series: Glee
Music: Samba

As the somewhat lucky influences of the cosmos are reverberated from October into the first week of November. The thinning of that old veil between our world and the world of the spirit herald in interesting dreams, thoughts, communication of all types, and most of all inspiration. What do you want 2016 to be about for you? Begin to write, plan, visualize your life in all its glory. It’s a perfect time for asking and desiring what we want out of life. “Ask and it will be given.” You won’t know until you ask. Be mindful of your desires. Make sure they are yours and not someone else’s.

This November the “7 of Coins” rules. Development in your personal life come to a “boil”. That which was hidden emerges. That which you have spent all your time and energy manifesting throughout this year of the “Magician” will come to actualize. Business, career, family, all of your goals will receive a big “Yes” or “No”, or perhaps a big “Maybe” with some help to refine your plans to continue into the new year. Its a prosperous time for money and family. Becareful not to over indulge while celebrating. Even at the end of the month. This month we will find much to be thankful for, thanksgiving should be much more spiritual thank usual this November.

The end of the month will have everyone in a state of bliss, so uplifting in contrast to the previous months. We should remain vigilant and grounded. There is a potential to veer ofcourse. Loose focus and objectivity. You will want to say yes to everything that comes your way. Because you will feel good, great, and what could go wrong. Yikes! It will be best to be prudent when we start to put on those rose color glasses. Save some or all of all those good vibes for December. You will need that energy.


9.18.08 075December 2015:
Ruling Card: Five of Swords
Keywords: Conflict, Dynamic, Groups, Heat, Intense, Protection, Outburst, Shield, Stress
Crystals: Agate, Celestite, Cuprite, Hematite, Nuummite, Malachite, Moonstone, Blue/Red/Yellow Tiger’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye
Chromelogy: Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple
Numerology: 3, 4, 5, 11, 12
Zodiac: Sagittarius & Capricorn
Archangel: Asariel, Michael, Zadkiel
Elements: Primary element: Fire; Secondary elements: Earth, Air
Sacred Geometry: Dodecagon
Spiritual Symbols: Yin Yang
Essential Oils: Amber, Balsam, Chamomile, Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose, Vetiver
Power Days: 1, 3, 8, 15, 20-22, 27, 31
Movies: Karate Kid 1 & 3
TV Series: FireFly
Music: East Indian Ragas

December will throw us for a loop or two. It’s not all bad, but… just when all was good and looking like it was going our way, the “5 of Swords” pops out of nowhere and you find yourselves in conflict with the world, or vice-versa. All that great energy, luck from the stars, and all the possibilities you invested for a great holiday season, might make you feel like taking back all that gratitude and cramming it up in a dark place. Feelings are not facts, they are just indicators. Keep your cool. It would be wise to get all of your Christmas shopping out of the way in November!!

This month will feature the “id”, the lower aspects of the ‘ego’. “Let go of my eggo”. Well you may not be squabbling over waffles this month, but it will be about everything. Everyone will feel alive and passionate to see their needs met. Their thoughts and ideas acknowledged. It will be as if everyone all of a sudden became spiritually awake and they need to be heard all at once. So… balance your time and energy this month. If you said ‘yes’ to to many people last month and you see yourself having to say ‘no’ this month then do so. Nothing wrong in admitting when you are wrong, especially to yourself. The more we remain true to ourselves the less fighting and aggravation will we have or see this month.

What is your main objective in December? What would you like to see happen? Begin planning, if you didn’t do so in November. Then ask yourselves, how important is it to you those plans, objectives, happenings you want to birth in December. Because when that good ole challenge comes for a tug of ‘war’, will you be able to feel good enough to walk away. Will it matter if you win or lose? Or will you need the power play of conflict to attain your final outcome? As angelical this holiday month maybe to others, keep in mind even the Angels can cause fights. Think ‘mercy’. Mercy for yourself, for your life, and for others. Be flexible.

Overall, December will end on a seemingly sensitive but quiet note. Lots about our family of origin and career paths will come to light. Possibly new opportunities will arise for advancement or development of our goals for 2016, as a result of certain conflicts. Its a mix bags of blessings in December. So my lovelies, keep it simple and in the center of love for self, so we may see(have) it for others as well. Walk the way of beauty. Walk in harmony. Walk in balance. Bend like the grass in the ferocity of the winds of December.

Love more,
Fear less,
Lady C.