Two things in life are certain, my elders say, birth and death. If you are not living to live, then you are not living at all. Tune into complementary tag-along video to my prediction for this month and the next. Please refer to my Bearded Lady blog for the rest of the tips, guides, and the rest of the predictions, here:

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Disclaimer, Lady Chamaka is not any kind of Medical Doctor, fortune teller, or saint. She is an Interfaith Minister, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and a American Indian Medicine person. All information disclosed here and there after is all subject of matter left for your interpretation and personal use.

Lady C’s July 2014 AstroTarot Cast: “Money & Play”

Lady C’s July 2014 AstroTarot Cast: “Money & Play”

This week’s forecast is late my ‘Lovelies’, please pardon moi! The readings are good till the first to second of the month of August! Since most of this reading is really fueled by Jupiter in Leo. All about the Lioness you know!

Play, laugh, enjoy this month! Please, if you  are in the NY, Hudson Valley area visit with me at the New York Renaissance Faire, located in Tuxedo, NY! Starting August 2nd till September 21st I will be on Mystics Way!

At the 40 minute mark on the video, there are bonus clips and photos of 2013’s Renaissance Faire featuring myself and all of you who came to visit me.

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This is a predictive tarot reading based on the Medicine Card tarot deck. I depend on my psychic ability, my knowledge and American Indian cultural upbringing, and life experiences. A lot of intuitive energy go into my readings. My style is much like that of a Healer’s and a Counselor.

DISCLAIMER: The advice given here is not approved by the FDA or by any Federal health administrations. The counsel given here is personalized by my own experience and meant to guide your life on a emotional and physical level of being.

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