Lady C.’s Tarot 2016 Forecast: Six of Coins

Lady C.’s Tarot 2016 Forecast: Six of Coins

Recorded live via Facebook, last night. More details on the forecast to accompany this video is underway. In the meantime, this year is all about giving and receiving in the name of love. In the name of peace. In the name of faith. Faith without works is inactive; it won’t exist without your input. Please listen, comment, link, and share‚Ě£

Truly yours,
Lady C.

“El Relampago”, New Music Video

“El Relampago”, New Music Video

This little number is a vision inspired by my love of Lila Downs music, and by the prospects of love in everyday people. If you like this video, please like, subscribe to my Youtube or Vimeo channel and lookup my predictions, but most of all share for the sake of ‘love’.

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Divine Hairy Blessings,
Lady C. <3

Weekend Scope 4/9-11/15


Weekend Reading 4/9-11/15

Ruling Card: Reversed Princess of Wands
Friday: Reversed 8 of Wands
Saturday: Reversed 9 of Pentacles
Sunday: Reversed 3 of Pentacles
Underlying Card: 9 of Wands
Deck: Hermetic Tarot
By: Godfrey Dowson

This week has (more…)