King Of Wands

King of Wands, from the Golden Tarot by Kat Black

Tarot: King Of Wands
Keywords: Nobility, Honor, Compassion, Brotherly Love, Daydream, Transformation
Crystals: Apatite, Hematoid Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Kunzite, Blue Lace Agate, Nuummit
Chromelogy: Indigo Blue, Electric Blue, Royal Purple, Orange
Numerology: 1, 2, 11, 118
Zodiac: Aquarius & Pisces
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep/Ram
Archangel: Sandalphon, The Sacred Guardian
Elements: Primary element: Fire; Secondary elements: Air, Water
Sacred Geometry: Triangle: Life, Mana
Spiritual Symbols: Sacred Trinity, Ancient Pyramids, Triquetra
Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Amaryllis, Honeysuckle, Violet
Power Days: Feb 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 14, 25
Movies: Matrix Trilogy
TV Shows: Babylon 5

Here is part 3 of 2015’s tarot reading, from your Divine Bearded Diva, Lady Chamaka! This reading is comprised of a year spread I did for this year, my intuitive guidance, a look into Western, Chinese, and Mayan Astrology. I will give you my personal interpretation for the outlook of this month, guide you in your decision making, and add some tips for your use. 

***Disclaimer, Lady Chamaka is not any kind of Medical practitioner, fortune teller, or saint. She is an Inter-Faith Minister, psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, American Indian and Medicine person. All information disclosed here and there after is all subject of matter left for your interpretation and personal use.

February 2015 ruling energy is the “King of Wands”. The suit of wands in Tarot is based on the element of fire. Fire in spiritual and metaphysical circles is regarded as an element akin to passions, love desires, raw energy, action, creation, and the 3D world of the body, house, the vessel. The King is a representation of nobility, ruler-ship, government, authority. Sum it all up lovelies, we have a month of assessing our prospects for the year regarding everything having to do with our homes, health, partnerships, investments, and careers. An important question to ask this month. “So how well adjusted in that body, and life of yours are you?”

Earth-Landscape-ArtIt’s important to mention that we are starting the month in the middle of a Mercury in Retrograde, please click on the link for more details. As the forces behind Mercury’s halt in orbit allows us a slow down in time and communications, under a “King of Wands” period, we really need to reflect internally. As we pace our selves through the obstacles and loops we encounter under Mercury’s Retrograde period. If that wasn’t complicated in of itself, well how about beginning the retrograde with a New Moon in Aquarius!? The element of Air! Mix it all up and all I have to say is “stay grounded”. Keep active, journal, allow others to shine as much as you. Even if they are cutting the line…

This month we should focus on what we truly feel passionate about, or get down and realize what we are passionate about and produce more. Its very important that we practice this, and stay mindful about the emotions and feelings we are carrying. This is a special opportunity we have been given in a synergistic way of seeing it all. The universe always gives us these moments of synergy. When all forces behind the scenes are working together in harmony in the chaos of it all to produce what we need the ‘most’. So what are you very passionate about the ‘most’ today? What do you want to be passionate about through out this year? Where are your passions? Where were your passions placed last year? Where they really what ‘you’ were passionate about, or did they belong to someone else? This are important questions you should ask yourself during the first week and a half of February 2015.

The first half of February will require more of your introspective discernment. Use journaling, counseling, astrology, tarot, meditation, yoga, coffee dates with friends and family to get to the bottom of ‘you’ and what you feel passionate about in life. Then decide how you should go about planning how to build on them to create and attract more of it in various forms. This is when writing down or finalizing your goal and outreach for the year will come to focus. Once you do, be patient with yourself and others as you proceed to have fun creating and manifesting your passions. As I mentioned in the year outlook of 2015, this is the year of the Magician!

1600x1200 (1)
By the 2nd and 3rd of the month you should be witnessing life becoming a bit more easier and relaxed. The 3rd we will have a full moon Leo, energized by several other planetary aspects that are good and bad. The good, your thoughts and desires will be manifesting much faster. Money and life security concerns should be relevantly promising. Especially if you have committed to the law of attraction and keeping a positive outlook, worry and stress free, on your life ahead in 2015. The more positive and faith filled you stay regarding the security of your plans for 2015, the faster and easier you will create your reality. The bad, the same goes if you are doing the opposite, generating contrary outcomes. Ewe. There is such a thing as having too much passion. Too much fire can scorch and burn, disintegrate. With that said be prepared if you find yourselves confronting a physical or metaphoric deaths.

a_4x-horizontalIts harder sometimes to stay positive when you have circumstances that “seem” like they won’t allow you to stay in a positive place. But remember, ‘you’ are the ‘Magician’, the ‘Manifestor’, ‘El Maestro’ of your reality. You are ultimately in charge, like the “King of Wands” of your reality and your desired outcome. You were built and design to live ‘your’ life for what ever good and/or indifferent it may seem or may be at the moment. Everything in life is temporary, thus an illusion. We are all meant to live life. Enjoy yours.

By the 12th of February we all should be feeling a bit of a time distortion. Mercury goes direct as of the 11th, and that leaves us in the shadow of the aftermath. The shadow period lasts about week, before and after its retrograde. Leaving residual traces. Usually the beginning and end of a retrograde period are turbulent and challenging. Because of the readjusting we all, including the retrograde planet, must do in order to re-sync to the ebb of life. The natural order of the universe. Nearing the 12th, on or after, make sure you stay extra positive, with humor, to allow yourself an easy flow with this day’s energy. Fear and anger can set it and mess-up all your nice vibes. Leading your to disjoint your manifesting visualizations. This day can be very influential to the end of the month and year if you keep positive. Any sudden opportunities presented to you to advance should be taken, but with caution. Ask questions, and keep reading the fine print. If its too good to be true, it just might be or it might be the real thing. Think deep before you leap!

Going back to the zodiac influences for this month, Aquarius and Pisces. Its all about visualization, communication, and humanitarianism. So, be charitable with your time this month. To your dreams and desires, to your spiritual and physical well being; to your family and friends, but ultimately be the King, “do not cast your pearls of good deeds and wisdom to swine.” “Do onto others as you like done onto you.” You will see this to be a true statement by February 14th. Know your limit and boundaries when helping the needy. Some people just take, take, and take. Be like Jesus, and teach them how to fish, instead of enabling them to stay in their suffering.

starperson2By the 25th of February, lucky planetary aspects where Jupiter and others are concerned will give way to major break through regarding our vision for our careers and financial well being. The King of Wands energy will be at its glory this week. We should all be rejoicing for breakthroughs in relationships with our higher-selves, lucky influences and opportunities for financial growth, angel donors or assistance of one form or another coming to our aid to get our projects or goals underway! Where you once were feeling a disconnect with life, or felt like nothing was working properly as much as you tried to make stuff happen in the past, you will see and believe in miracles around this time. Or rather see and believe in the magic of life and the universe. Yes, you deserve love too.

This is why the we need to draw in the energy of the noble “King of Wands” this month, and throughout our planning stages through the rest of this year. The more we are compassionate towards ourselves and our life, and the lives of others we will materialize what we need and desire much more quickly. On the note of compassion, we can be compassionate with others who are not so compassionate. Just by being ourselves, and being the noble King and say protect yourself and decline from joining their influence. We should all keep working hard, rather effortlessly, on keeping it positive and moving. Remember the first three to four months this year is about laying a foundation down. As this year will be a foundation of greater things to come in the century ahead. Yes, I said ‘century’.


So, in summary… “Good things come to those who are passionate about being good to themselves and others.” Use this time to empower your dreams of your immediate future. Allow yourself to day dream. Use caution to who your share these dreams with, share them with people you truly trust and uplift you. Seek the truth of your passions, and what lays behind them. If they are true and you are true to yourself you will have no difficulty this month or the years to come in materializing them. We are all winners in life. The only losers are the ones who are stuck and don’t want to move. They find it easier to stay there and blame others for their misfortunes. But under these influences this month, even the mis-fortunate ones will have opportunity to advance.

We always have opportunities to advance, its what we do with them that counts. Question, are you going up or down? Becareful of the restricting illusions, of time and space. Happiness is free. Remember to stay grounded too. The dreamy and expansive quality of this month’s energy will seem boundless by mid month. Allow room for daydreaming, just use your anchor. What is your anchor? Great time to find that out. Or even get some new ones! This is a perfect time to clean house, detox, and exercise. Even revamping your diet!

matrix_triology_babylon5I highly recommend this month of February, choose accordingly to your intuition, wearing and eating color rich foods in the spectrum of electric and indigo blue, royal purple, and orange. Infuse yourselves and meditate upon the hidden spiritual teachings of ancient masters(ascended masters) in the movies of the Matrix Trilogy, and the TV series Babylon 5. You will need them as inspirations and guides for the year ahead. Their teachings lie in the subtle struggle of the plight of “the spirit, having a human experience.”

Work the crystals I have provided at the beginning of this article. Apatite is the crystal of the month, for its perfectly aligned with the number 2 vibration, the King of Wands, the second chakra, and the energy of manifestation. The other crystals are a derivatives of all these qualities, together they will amplify each others traits.

When you are in a pinch, call upon Archangel Sandalphon. Even though the Catholic church worships and documented extensively their work with Archangels, the Archangels are non-denominational. They are here to help all of us. But only at our request. They cannot interfere in our lives without our permission. Sandalphon’s mastery regards timing, vision, and respect for the principles of love. Excellent matters of manifesting truth, passion, and our dreams(goals).

Also, as expressed earlier, Fire is the ruling element of this month. So we must think in terms of action, passions, desires, love, expression, creation, changes, and transformations. While secondary elements to work with and keep in mind, air and water. Which rule our thoughts, visions, emotions, cravings, dreams, and energy. Use essential oils to keep your body(earth & fire) grounded. The purer the grade, the better. I have provided a suited list of essential oils at the beginning of this article.

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Truly yours,
Divine Lady C.