Tarot Card: The High Priestess
Keywords: Wisdom, Secrets, Ancient, Mysteries, Femininity, Divine, Goddess, Occult, Sacred, Spirit, Spirituality
Fortune Cookie: “You must be willing to act today in order to succeed.”
Crystals: Chrysocolla, Moonstone, and Moon Opal
Chromelogy: Indigo Blue, Blue, White, Platinum, Silver, Royal Purple, Red
Numerology: 2, 3, 11
Zodiac: Pisces & Aries
Archangel: Gabriel, Messenger of God
Elements: Primary element: Water; Secondary elements: Fire
Sacred Geometry: Equailateral Triangle: Life, Mana, “Father, Spirit, and The Holy Ghost”
Lucky Symbols: Pyramid, Om/Shiva Symbol, Number 3, Equilateral Triangle, Abrahadbra or Abracadabra Pyramid, Arrow Head
Essential Oils: Patchouli, Pomegranate, Rose, Lily, Freesia, Frankincense, Violet, Peony, Peach
Power Days: March 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 20, 23, 29, 30
Movies: Mrs. Doubtfire
TV Shows: Frank Herbert’s Dune, Mini-series

Here is your 4th part of 2015’s tarot reading, from your Divine Bearded Mystress! Using my intuitive guidance, and knowledge of Western, Chinese, and Mayan Astrology I put together this outlook for the month of March. My personal interpretation is here to guide you in your spiritual decision making, and day to day planning.

***Disclaimer, Lady Chamaka is not any kind of Medical practitioner, fortune teller, or saint. She is an Interfaith Minister, psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, American Indian and Medicine person. All information disclosed here and there after is all subject of matter left for your interpretation and personal use.

March 2015’s ruling energy is that of “The High Priestess”.

February came and went in a jiffy. Leaving a lot of us with either filled cups, or wishing it wasn’t half full. Perhaps you are feeling ungrounded still? Astrologically, last months second new moon and sun in Pisces left us feeling a bit “lost in space”. Hard to focus, and sober up from the experience. Especially upon entering this month of “The High Priestess”. Emotional, waiting for the other shoe to drop, dreamy, and perhaps impatient to see your dreams materialize. An effect of the current Astrology on our being’s unfoldment.

This is a month energy of The High Priestess lends itself to us help us come to terms with the all sacred truths of our present life, the path before you, and all others who are involved. The energy of Priestess is powerful, but subtle as well. Her silky touch is like the thin veil that separates our world and that of the “unseen”, spiritual world. This month more than ever, our efforts to move ahead in life will undergo a spiritual transformation. For all truths about our present state of affairs will all come to the surface. Not for justice, but spiritual evaluation and transformation.

Those who invite this transformation with an open heart and mind, the transformation will feel and appear as a “Spiritual Renaissance”. New boons and even promotions will be handed to all who work towards change. A restored energy of healing, harmony, and peace will saturate your life. Purpose in our life will become much more evident. I can’t promise that it won’t hurt or you won’t suffer. For anything to grow in this life requires an amount of pain and suffering. But I can promise you will benefit immensely from letting go and controlling all and any aspects of what’s to come this month. Be honest with yourself, and others. The excitement and adrenaline of what you may want or don’t want, and can almost feel happening, let it go. Take each momentan day this month one at time. The results will surprise you, each day, week, and by the end of month. Keep it simple.

If you and any others are not willing invite change into your life this month, chances are that you are not ready to accept the truth in any part of you and your life. This month challenges you even more, and like Tower card in the Rider-Waite deck, it will shock you into transformation. Best to compromise, to surrender to win, and be willing to learn something new. The only harm in learning something new, really, is making time to ‘make room’.

While the excitement of all possible outcomes to arrive, once the final square of the year between Pluto and Uranus arrives on the 16-17. I would recommend we all start a new spiritual hobby, book, project, class, or practice. The idea is to get our spiritual energies focused. For when the Sun sets into the sign of Aries on the 20th it will feel like our divine mission in life is in jeopardy if we do not do “something”. Basically this feeling will be no more than illusion. But its reality is a new resurgence of vitality overly emphasized by the Aries energy of action and fire, as well driven by the energy of the solar eclipse that day. Do what you can, and don’t over-do or outdo yourself.

A negative effect this month to watch out for is the need to overpower others. Our egos will be susceptible to want control others, mostly by picking at what is wrong with others. Which will likely be a dark aspect of yourself and your life that you have not dealt with, therefore projecting onto the other person, place, or thing your inadequacies. So, this month look under the hood, examine your thoughts, feelings, and motives. “Peel the onion”, let yourself cry. But watch out, don’t become a martyr for your truth. The truth needs no defense.

Its a great month meditating, exercise, planting, being creative, cleaning, and repairing. Sexual expression and/or communion is also highlighted this month. The energy transformation will need an outlet. This is where we focus and channel out passionate energies. By the end of the month we will be in better place to start getting to work and back in the swing. The path will be clear enough to maneuver, or flounder by April. Its up to you.

One more thing to be aware of my lovelies, it the ‘3rd’ month of the year. 3 is a great energy for building, transforming, transfix, action, commitment, resolving, and finishing. Think in terms of the sacred trinities this month, in all you do. The first is the trinity of the “Son, Father, and Holy Ghost”. The second, the three universal flames or in American Indian societies we view them as the 3 sisters “Hope, Faith, and Charity”. The third, the Body, the Mind, and Spirit.

In summary, keep two eyes ahead of you, behind you ,and within you. Listen to your gut. Your intuitive side. You’ll be extra psychic this month. Be kind, to yourself and others. Compromise. But don’t fool yourself of the truth. Deny others of the truth and you will be denying yourself. Don’t be a martyr, the Angels, God,the Goddess, the Universe is in charge let them do their job. Honor your feminine self. Have faith in what you know. The ultimate truth. “Be still, and know God.”

Horoscope predictions for the month will follow in three days, after I post this prediction.

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Divine Lady C.