Reading the weekend forecast with my new deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine! Since a child I have been

in touch with my Angel guides. Now they speak even louder as an adult, and much more clearly using Archangels Power Tarot deck! Thank you to the creators of this deck!! ✨💖✨

Ruling Card: King Of Raphael
Weekend: 8 of Michael, The Moon, The Knight of Raphael
Underlying Card: 6 of Ariel

The weekend reading, lovelies this weekend will be filled with lots of good times to be had. What comes to my mind immeadiately “don’t wait to tell someone how much you appreciate and love them.” Life is so short, and under shuch a great and positive influence of cosmic and divine energy this weekend, why should we limit ourselves to human time. Yes, its all bout ‘divine timing’ this weekend. What comes around goes around. Make it positive starting today!!! TGIF! The more positivity we accrue the faster we attract positive outcomes in our life.

Remember what my “Bearded lady” prediction(found on my blog) for the year, said for 2015… “Love is Money.” They are the same energy. We all came out of the nothingness of the great void of life. Use your passion and creativity this weekend to break batriers with yourself and others, and the universe. Saturday is ripe for asking help from the Angels and thr universe for specific and time based needs. Whether it be money, health, protection, favors, etc.

Friday: Be the change you wan to see in your life.
Saturday: Ask for help from your Angel guides and the universe.
Sunday: Tell and show someone how much you appreciate them.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💘👼💘

Truly yours,
Lady Chamaka