Weekend Reading

Ruling Card: ArchAngel Chamuel, Tower
Friday: 2 Of Swords
Saturday: 6 of Wands(Rev.)
Sunday: ArchAngel Chamuel, Hangman(Rev.)
Underlying Cards: ArchAngel Gabriel TheEmpress(Rev.), 4 of Swords
Deck: Archangel Power Tarot

Ello my lovelies!! Hope you are ready for the weekend, because its a doozey! In a good way. Overall, don’t be upset or shocked by decisions or secrets that come to light that are not in your favor. Be ready to be flexible, quick and decisive. Expect the unexpected and the inevitable!!! Take advantage of the downtime you will have by late Saturday into Sunday. Don’t think, just feel and rest.  Make efforts to resolve to be happy without overindulging in unhealthy people, places, and things… Remember, God’s rejection is your projection. Whatever doesn’t work out this weekend let it go, because in reality there other things and matters you really should be paying attention to benefit you.

Be the change you wish to see this weekend, and always.

Truly yours,
Lady C.