Ruling Card: 5 of Cups
Friday: 4 of Swords
Saturday: 3 of Wands
Sunday: 8 of Pentacles
Underlying Cards: Heart Chakra
Spirit Bonus Card: Release(Death)
Deck: The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland

My lovelies!! I would like start with an announcement, before delving into the reading. The remaining 6 zodiac signs that I have not posted readings for the month will be saved for the March. Those of you who are still wondering what February was all about for you and what you can still work on, please contact me directly. Via my website, or using social media. Just give me your zodiac sign, and I will reply with your personal outlook for the month of February, as I would’ve in my post. That is a summary of the month’s prediction.

So, let’s see what this weekend has in-stored for us! If this week was a rollercoaster ride and has left you very ungrounded, do not worry. Astrologically, we are all in that same boat. Especially after the Sun aligned with Neptune on Wednesday.

This upcoming weekend we must ground ourselves by going with the flow of our life. Accepting each situation as an opportunity to change our present situation. Not manipulate, but change it with no expectations. We must do that which we think we cannot. Especially if we are too rigid and wrapped up with expectations of ourselves and others. Whether if they are realistic or not. The future of success of our goals for the weekend and onward, depend on us.

How do we do this, you ask? Well, we begin with small steps. With ourselves first. By realizing we are limited, since inception. We are define by the limitations of the flesh. So fragile, no manual, and complicated. We are just spiritual beings having a human experience.

Are we victims of circumstance? No. Meditate on that, and release all associations of expectations upon yourself that are self imposed or imposed by family, friends, and society. Then and only then will we learn how to resurface compassion for ourselves, and most of all for others.

The journey of the #magician begins now.

Friday: “Just Breathe”, go with the flow, don’t play martyr, don’t commit to more than what you know you can do.

Saturday: “Reach Out”, in order to recieve we must give. Jesus said “teach them to fish and they won’t go hungry.” Time to change your stance and outlook on your present situations.

Sunday: “Success & Growth”, exercise your will and act on the betterment for your life, for you and all concerned. Your errands and everyday life will follow in suit. Then the feeling of fear over what you are lacking will dissipate.

We must, over all, place our thoughts and actions in contemplation of chaning our outlook and objectives for this weekend and the month to come. Re-evaluate, and release any and all negative based desires, fears, and desperate energies that are heart centered. Make this weekend count.

Peace be with you all.

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Truly yours,
Lady C.