Ruling: The Star(Rev)
Friday: The Chariot(Rev)
Saturday: Father Of Wands
Sunday: Judgment
Underlying: Ace of Swords(Rev)
Deck: The Wild Unknown

My lovelies, your passions may take or have taken the best of you this week. Have you become derailed or have been derailed from some place in your life? Feeling off centered or anxious could be a result, and short fixes aren’t enough. Don’t despair, and don’t cut corners. You will miss and squander time and opportunities this weekend. Use your time wisely. Be careful and cautious of impulsive behavior or people.

Best to mind our energy, and tend to ourselves and goals for the coming week and year this weekend. (Our)Business as usual, with a practical mind for one. Not two. You should do errands or shopping alone this weekend. Treat yourselves to ‘me’ time. Reconsider reinventing a wheel or two in your life, this weekend is perfect for reflecting and resurfacing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if old flames resurface by the end of the weekend. If they do, it’s time to bury the hatchet and address old wounds that need to be healed or mended. But not more than that, only time will tell if there’s more to be had from that batch of embers.

Friday: Pace Yourself
Saturday: Treat Yourself
Sunday: Reinvent Your Life

Please visit my blog entry on this site, regarding my prediction and tips for this month to supplement this reading.

February 2015 Prediction

Truly yours,
Lady C.