Weekend Reading

Ruling Card: Six of Michael(Swords)
Friday: Nine of Ariel(Pentacles)
Saturday: Divine Guidance(Heirophant)
Sunday: Seven of Michael
Underlying Card: Two of Raphael(Cups)
Deck: Archangel Power Tarot
By: Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Ello lovelies! TGIF! Whether your feeling fulfilled or unfulfilled get ready to accept and be thankful for what you have accomplished this week. If you are breathing or capable of breathing then just be grateful and thankful for just that. List all those reasons and more this weekend. For the weekend is for those who want to live, move on from stagnation, and willing to embrace the change.

It’s time to put your plans in action, move away from the bad to the good. Focus on people who uplift you and support you. Look at relations with people, places, and things that do jot serve your higher good anymore, and let them go. Consult a friend if you need too. Change.

Friday: Focus on your accomplishments and gratitude for them.
Saturday: Go with the flow, humility and wise people are your allies.
Sunday: Seek advice, bounce ideas off with a wise and trusted friend regarding matters of letting go people, places, and things.

Divine Blesdings,
Lady C.