Ruling: Daughter of Wands
Friday: Father of Pentacles(Rev)
Saturday: 6 of Cups
Sunday: The Empress
Underlying: Ace of Cups(Rev)
Bonus: The Sun, Sunstone
Deck: The Wild Unknown
2nd Deck: The Tarot of Gemstones & Crystals

Hi Honey Bunnies,

Condragulations on making it this far in the week. Beginning of the weekend we find that Friday isn’t so perfect. People, including your knack for #selfsabotage could lead you to a bad start. It will be challenging. Mind your own business. Stay free of the other peoples personal matters. The more we do this the more we will see where we are going astray from our objectives for happiness. Also, we will better determine who really is looking out for ourselves and the betterment of out physical and emotional security.

Yes honey, we need to generalize these messages. Time to get back to basics. Only you know what truly makes you happy and how to do that. Time to reconnect with your child within by Saturday. Recharge by revisiting old familiar places, friends, and or hobbies. You may even have old flames pop up Saturday. Just be aware of there ultimate motives and your ultimate happiness. If they are not mutually benefitting, then let go.

Sunday, lots will come to light regarding who, what and when your happiness was disturbed and how they tried to impede on it. Standup and make it clear to people, your happiness is not a toy. Often when we stand up for ourselves, it feels awkward. Because we do not it more often for our benefit.

Friday: Mind your business and money.
Saturday: Retreat with your inner child.
Sunday: Take a stand for yourself.

Work with a sunstone this weekend. For clarity, illumination, regeneration, happiness, and protection. Please read my predictions for this month to add some more clarity to this reading.

Truly yours,
Lady C.