Weekend Reading

Ruling Card: Knight of Swords(rev)
Friday: 3 of Pentacles
Saturday: (3) The Emperor
Sunday: Ace(Page) of Wands
Underlying Cards: (18)The Moon
Deck: The Hermetic Tarot
By: Godfrey Dowson

Lovelies!! My dahlings!! So this week should have brought up a lot of clarity to you regarding plans and ideas do with home and business. Most of all how you have conducted yourself in the last several years. So you now have a clear understanding of whats been holding you back. Now we need to get back into the swing of things and start making those new changes a reality. We are only limited by the limits we impose on ourselves. So, you should by now know these changes can’t wait!

Friday: The help you’ve been waiting for should appear, if not start searching for the additonal help to tweak your plans. Like energy begets like energy. Attraction. This includes help  with promotions of all kinds.

Saturday: Your mind may feel like its going too fast. As ideas of reform, and the obvious problems concerning people, places and things in your life become evident. Becareful of your bite and grip. You are the boss. But with great power comes great responsibilities.

Sunday: New changes and opportunities for growth and advancement continue to present themselves. Make sure you are productive and grounded. Otherwise this day can go wrong with over indulgence and swept away by impulsive and regrettable moments.

Forgive, be kind, be at peace within your mind and heart this weekend. For your sake, and the sake of others.

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Truly yours,
Lady C.