Ruling Card: ArchAngel Michael
Friday: ArchAngel Shamael
Saturday: ArchAngel Metatron
Sunday: ArchAngel Uriel
Underlying Card: ArchAngel Zaphkiel
Bonus Cards: ArchAngel Raziel & Reversed 10 of Cups
Deck: Angels Of Atlantis
By: Stewart Pearce

Lovelies!! This has been a stress-filled week. TGIF, again!! So, Friday will give you all a literal breath of fresh air! Suck it all up! Saturday’s new moon in Aries will literally bring in new opportunities!!! Time to plant some new seeds for the year and the next several decades. This is the time to put your plans in motion. Its time too look over our plans and what we are sick of in our lives. What haven’t you worked on yet? With regards to your personal happiness, wish fulfillment, and personal desires.

The order of the universe, of life starts and stops at a heartbeat. This week will present opportunities to excel to us, to come to clarity with our direction in life and state of affairs. Most of all our personal well being and happiness won’t be challenge as it has been last several weeks. In fact, pay close attention to your dreams. Start keeping a dream journal. The current astrological influence is giving us a boost of energy that will promote lucidity in our nighttime dreams, and in our waking dreams. Thoughts and ideas.

Revisit helpful and trusted friends or family this weekend too. For inspiration, direction, and motivation. This is not a time where you sit back and enjoy some quiet time and watch the weekend go by on your couch. Unless you are being productive. Go with the flow.  

Friday: Focus on Serenity. Lucky influences are conspiring to improve your life, stay in the present.
Saturday: Open yourself up to your divine channel, your intuition, and time for ‘me’ time.
Sunday: Call up a friend for advice, inspiration, and motivation. Bounce your ideas off them.
Crystals: Turquoise, Blue Celestial Quartz, Aquamarine, Amethyst, & Larimar.

Any questions?

Lady C.