IMG_20150423_223814Ruling Card: Chrysoprase, Four of Wands
Friday: Rhodochrosite, Reversed Page of Cups
Saturday: Larimar, Six of Swords
Sunday: Chalcedony, Reversed Nine of Cups
Underlying Card: Agate, Reversed Queen of Coins
Bonus card: Archangel Michael, Five of Swords
Decks: The Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
By: Helmut G. Hoffman

Happy Earth Day!!! I am using my Gemstones Tarot, please use the corresponding crystals and stones aid you in your affairs this weekend.

This past week was interesting, right? Your life might be feeling more real, with sudden bursts of emotions coming from within you that want release from your current circumstances in life. Which may have led to sudden outbursts of love or misunderstandings. The shadow side of this past week, stems really from from misunderstood desires, mistaken fears. Curdled from the cleansing and destruction of our old realities that the Uranus squared Pluto brought us. Along with the Aries new moon energies. It’s been impulsive, and jumpy. But, if you have been aligned with higher energies, your higher self, then “lighter-side” of this week has allowed you to be quick, nimble, and adaptive to all arising situations. Overall, you should all start feeling less anxiety and more clarity.

Its not too late to take advantage of the new moon energies and focus on planting new seeds, your goals, you want take bloom this month. Include long term goals for the next several years. This weekend is all about business, breaking out of comfort zones(ruts) and going after what we need and want for the sake of our financial welfare. It’s time to prosper. Its time for action, you will feel this on Friday. Start evaluating and prioritizing if you haven’t. If you have, then look over once more. Go forth with confidence that you will be able to handle your affairs. We are never alone, unless we choose to be. Ask for help.

We’ll be charged charged this weekend. Charged to bring clarity to areas within ourselves and outer life. Confirming and vowing to ourselves and others the commitments we wish and aspire to materialize. Caution is advised. Keep grounded with your timing. Be gentle and mindful regarding how much you can tolerate at this time. If not, we will be susceptible to invite and manifest chaotic energies into the mix. In the spiritual and physical worlds. Sabotaging our efforts to get ahead will likely occur. Hurt feelings are likely to happen. Only if we are not mindful and respectful of ourselves. Move boldly in the direction of your desires.

Friday: Rhodochrosite will help you stay clear of sabotaging people and other influences which threaten your business, career, and home life. This is a day to work alone if you can, or at least be true to your gut.
Saturday: Larimar will help you find the motivation, inspiration, and creativity to make action plans and start carrying them out. Time to move forward and leave your present situation for the better.
Sunday: Chalcedony will help you stay focused on being clear and true to your financial outlook and goals. Time to look objectively at your personal behavior patterns, and the cause of your heartaches that have been problematic in your recent past. Out with the old, in with the new.

Other crystals to use: Chrysoprase and Agate, will help you to access the pathways to ground your energies emotionally to stay focused this weekend on the happiness you seek in your career, business, relationships, and home.

Any questions? Please ask. Have a prosperous weekend!

Lady C.