Ruling Card: The Sun
Friday: 10 of Swords, ArchAngel Michael
Saturday: Page of Pentacles, ArchAngel Ariel
Sunday: 4 of Swords, ArchAngel Michael
Underlying Card: High Priestess,  Archangel Haniel
Bonus card: 10 of Wands, ArchAngel Gabriel
Deck: Archangel Power Tarot Cards
By: Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

April showers bring May flowers!! TGIF my sweet court of lovelies!!! Rough week huh? Especially for others around the world. This week has been about epiphanies, enlightenment, creativity of thought and action, motivation, and adjustments. Setbacks? No. We are always moving forward into the future. As a collective, consciously and unconsciously. When one door closes, another opens. We must walk through it.

Have you tried implementing your plans for change recently, and it seems its not going as expected? Delays, big mistakes and obstacles? Are you creating some or all of the obstacles? Feeling defeated or unmotivated? Or still traumatized by last years tragic and Earth shattering events? If you answered yes to most of these questions or all, then you are right where you are supposed to be. If you answered no to some or all, you are still right where you are suppose to be too. This weekend is a respite we all have been waiting for. So start re-adjusting your mindset, get excited, prepare and look forward to receiving breakthroughs!

Otherwise, if you are stuck in you are past or future, you will miss out on your present(s). The three sisters are coming to us this weekend. Hope, Faith, and Charity. Imbuing us with insights to the path of our new abundance, prosperity, and happiness. Keep true to yourself and budget this weekend. Ask for help from friends to help you become unstuck or clear, if you need. Open your fists and your hearts to receive from the universe, from the sisters, and from your life. The end, is just a beginning. Stop trying, you have tried long enough. Its time to move forward with the rest of us, let go and let the God/dess.

Friday: A new week awaits us, take a bow for all the good and bad, leave it in the past. Call on Archangel Michael to help you move out of the old and into the new.

Saturday: Spiritual and financial will opportunities for growth will present themselves. Call on Archangel Ariel to help you to see them clearly.

Sunday: Take the day off, if you can. Rest your weary mind and heart. Otherwise go about your day as usual, but try not beat yourself up for the losses of past. Move forward with affirmations, great day to practice gratitude.

Any questions? Feedback is always welcomed. Thank you all for being you. Enjoy your weekend!

Lady C.