Weekend Reading 3/27-29/15

Ruling Card: The Tower
Friday: The Empress
Saturday: The Fool
Sunday: The Devil(Reversed)
Underlying Card: 5 of Swords(Reversed)
Deck: Golden Tarot
By: Kat Black

My lovelies, I hope this week has been
kind to you all, and rough for those of you that prefer it that way. Wruf, wruf!!! So there is an abundance that starts of the weekend. A payoff, is what I am hearing. Mostly likely in the area of money, home, security, health, and happiness. Over all I feel we should all be basking in feeling of Good or Goodness for whatever that means to you. Blessings are about to reveal themselves.

Don’t get too comfortable this weekend, for the Universe is not done yet. Rather Uranus Square Pluto’s fierce energies are still at work. Some of you will experience mind blowing shocks by Saturday and Sunday. People, places, and things will certainly will stir the pot so bad you will be on the defensive. Perhaps even seething, left with the thirst for revenge.

This weekend is not for the meek. It’s for the people who are dedicating their life to live in blance, in #peace, in harmony, and in #love with life. If this is you or where you want to be then this weekend you will learn a lot about yourself, your path before you, the future, and you will definitely will be cleared of the past. So if you have a need to let go of something, change something that has persisted for a long time(an addiction or dark secrets) its time to purge and detox. Spring is here in the northern hemisphere. So its a time of rebirth. In the southern hemisphere its winter, it a time of death, renewal.

Friday: It’s all good. Congratulations, but your work is not over. Work with an Emerald crystal.
Saturday: Remain open to change, be yourself, live passionately. Work with a Bloodstone.
Sunday: Time to let go of old nasty habits, addictions, fears, and situations that keep us imprisoned and unproductive. Work with a Snowflake Obsidian crystal.

Have a divine weekend!!

Lady C.