Weekend Reading 4/9-11/15

Ruling Card: Reversed Princess of Wands
Friday: Reversed 8 of Wands
Saturday: Reversed 9 of Pentacles
Sunday: Reversed 3 of Pentacles
Underlying Card: 9 of Wands
Deck: Hermetic Tarot
By: Godfrey Dowson

This week has been a trying one for a lot of us. Perhaps the last few weeks have been trying? Pluto and Uranus’ square is still rippling the waters of time and space. Oh, and someone invited Blackmoon Lilith too. And why not, I would ask? As long as we are all conscious of our actions. If you have, then this weekend won’t be so bad on you. If you haven’t, well then what are you waiting for?

The current astrological energy has been strong. As I said it would be in my scope for the month of April. Please visit my blog for the post. This weekends energy will leave us feeling like the universe doesn’t want us to succeed. It will look like obstacles. You may even feel defeated or restless. As if there was a conspiracy against peace and happiness. My suggestion is to not take it all seriously. Tune out the news. Even for the weather report. Skip the horrific stories in your news feed. Postpone anything that will not encourage clarity, peace, abundance, and positive change in your life. Pay close attention to the inspirational.

This weekend will be demanding of your will to change your present circumstances. But are you going to be willing to work towards to positive. Now is not the time to play God or a Goddess for justice in the life. This weekend is the time to work with the Gods and Goddesses. Listen. See. Witness the miracle of the divine in your life. Let others be. The discernment of reality will be hard for everyone this weekend. You may have to make it clear to others this weekend, stay on your side of the street, and point to the sign post that says “People At Work”. Some people will need to be redirected. But please, keep your cool.

Friday: Beware of your gut/intuition, if and when a red flag comes up trust it. Jealousy and ill intended people are about.
Saturday: Your finance, home life, and personal affairs need to be revisited. Perfect day for fine tuning and changing.
Sunday: Time to look at your hired help, the assistance you asked for is not being provided. Time do some pruning.

Crystals: Work with Black Tourmaline & Celestial Quartz for grounding and divine assistance.

Questions are welcomed. Make this a weekend count!

Lady C.